When I come home from a busy day of work, I often look in the fridge, stare at the ingredients, and my first thought is to (1) eat out, or (2) snack on something to hold me over.  Then I snack too much and I'm not very hungry for dinner, so dinner will consist of something like avocado toast or a bowl of cereal.  Does this sound familiar to you?  Anyone?  Anyone?

food meme

However, when I plan ahead of time, I eat so much healthier and save so much more money.  The saying, "Fail to plan, plan to fail" is so true for me!  So to make things easier, I created an At-A-Glance Weekly Meal Plan sheet to help with writing out all my meals, as well as my Booty Call (AM workout) and PM workout.  Seeing it all on one page helps me visualize what the plan is for the whole week.  I put it up on my fridge, and use it to keep me on track.


You can get your free download of this Meal Plan Sheet by clicking the picture below!  Enjoy! :)