The end came all too quickly.  I can't believe that these girls with whom I shared all of these special moments with would all be going their separate ways.  An exhausted, sore Cortney dragged her butt to the morning yoga session.  There we had a special yoga class led by Adriene (from Yoga with Adriene).  As we meditated on the weekend and focused on having a heart of gratitude, I couldn't help but cry (MAJOR estrogen overload). After Lainey and I packed up our things, I waited for the line to die down so I could say good bye and thank you to my trainers.  Karena and Katrina were so thoughtful in waiting for hours until everyone got to say good bye.  I thanked them for Tone It Up, for the community they've created, and for helping me to have the confidence I never knew I had.  Their sincerity and genuine hearts blew me away, and I am forever grateful.


Just several months before the retreat, I was wondering if I should go.  It's so expensive.  I would have to get a sub at work.  I have never actually met anyone there in person.  I'd have to travel alone.  There were plenty of reasons not to go.  But I went and I loved every single minute of it.  I now have friends all across the country.  I grew in ways I never imagined.  My heart is full and my soul is inspired.