The night before after the beach dinner, a few girlfriends and I stayed on the beach.  We were actually the last ones to leave and we had to take a special shuttle back to the hotel!  We stayed up SO late laughing, dancing, and getting caught in the sprinklers. :) Needless to say, I was EXHAUSTED on Day 3, but so ready for what was to come!  We started the day with breakfast provided by the hotel, Elli Quark, and Suja juice.  After eating, we tied our laces and headed out to the beach to start our Rosé 5K!  So many girls were sporting their blue and pink #teamKCT headbands in support of our TIU sister Kailen who had recently lost her battle with cancer.  It was beautiful to see how we had all come together for this special run.

Our race course was on a loop, so we repeatedly passed by a group of boy scouts camping.  They were all quite excited to see 400 women running past them over and over and over again!  It was hilarious.  When we finished, we were greeted by K&K and awarded an adorable TIU heart medal!  We also got a special Rosé 5K tank with a small glass of rosé!

After our pancake breakfast, I looked at my schedule.  The next activity was surfing - the activity I was dreading the most.  I had contemplating the entire trip whether I should skip out or not.  I'm not a strong swimmer, and the idea of being tossed by the waves frightened me.  But when else would I get the chance to do this HERE with the support of my TIU sisters?  Plus, Lainey went with me, so I felt much more at ease.  I decided to go.

As we were going over our lesson, I had knots in my stomach.  I practiced on the beach over and over again.  Stay in the middle, balance your weight, stand up correctly, and...oh yeah...DON'T DROWN.  We separated into groups of 4 and 5.  My instructor was this awesome lady who really gave us a lot of individual attention.  As I started paddling out, I couldn't help but imagine these tiny waves as giant 10 foot swells.  I swallowed hard and made up my mind.  I was going to at least try it.  If I wiped out, oh well.  At least I could say I tried.

Well, guess what?  I did it.  Not only was I able to stand up on my first try, but I stood up 3 out of the 5 times!  Our instructor was so helpful in telling us when we should paddle and stand, so I'm pretty sure it would've been way harder without that guidance, but...still!  I am SO proud of myself for facing my fears and doing something new.  It was such a rush, and I can't wait to try it again some day!

When we got back, I skipped volleyball to spend some time at the pool with my girl Lainey.  Then we got ready for the Farewell Dinner.

Already the feelings of sadness were setting in.  I couldn't believe this was my last night here.  I wore a lacy Urban Outfitters dress that I had been saving for a while, with some black pumps.  It was a perfect night.  I got to chat and spend time with all the girls I had become friends with over the course of the weekend.  My favorite part was dancing the night away with my girls, and being the last ones on the dance floor.  Later that night, we all sat on the patio and already started reminiscing of our memories here.  As the night died down, we headed back to our hotel rooms.  Tomorrow we'd say good bye.