After an exciting first day, we woke up early for our first BOOTY CALL!  For those who don't know, the TIU Booty Call is what we call our morning workouts.  We put on our TIU Retreat shirts provided by Fabletics (so comfy!) and headed to the beach for a sweat sesh. K&K kicked our butts!  "Who's get SWEATY?!"  And sweaty we were!  We did a total body routine along with an amazing mix by DJ Alex Ink.  After being covered in sand and smiles, we rolled up our free yoga mats and headed to our first scheduled activity.  My first activity was Soul Cycle!  I was DYING to try out Soul Cycle for the first time after hearing so many great things about it, and it did not disappoint!

Walking into Soul Cycle, we were fitted for special cycling shoes that clipped into our custom fitted bikes.  Our instructor had such an energy really kept us going!  Even though I had JUST done a workout, I was able to keep up thanks to the heart pounding music, everyone's enthusiasm, and a surprise visit from K&K!  There's a SC in San Francisco, so I'll definitely want to try it out again soon.  After our workout, we stopped by Pressed Juicery for a frozen juice treat.  AMAZINGLY YUM.

After this, I headed to my next activity: Stand Up Paddleboarding (another first for me)!  It was much easier than I thought it would be, and I even participated in the SUP Relay Race - 10 squats, paddle to the next buoy, 10 push ups, paddle to the next buoy, 10 second plank, and a final paddle to the finish.  I'm proud to say our team WON (Go team 2!)! #TIUSUPchamps

After all the activities were finished, Lainey and I got ready in our hotel room to a sweet 90s mix of Destiny's Child, NSync, and Usher.  I wore my first crop top (!!!) because...well, it would be all ladies there, so I ain't got no shame!  We took a shuttle to a beautiful beach where we were surprised with a beautiful piece of Kendra Scott jewelry (Thank you, Tone It Up!).  Later that evening, singer/songwriter Kelley James serenaded us with amazing covers, original music, and plenty of hilarious freestyling.  The BEST part of the evening, however, went to Mr. Bobby Gold.

Bobby was called up to the front to accompany Kelley James on guitar.  After the song, we all thought Bobby would be singing a song of his own...until he called up Karena.  Speculation was in the air up until the point when Bobby started telling Karena how much she inspires him.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  HE'S PROPOSING!  THIS IS HAPPENING!  As he got down on one knee, we all started screaming/crying/clapping/cheering.  Karena said YES and they danced to a special song right there on stage.  It was incredible, and I am so grateful that Bobby would allow us to witness this special event.  After the proposal, Katrina said to us, "If there's ever any doubt whether you're're FAMILY."  Yup.  Not a dry eye on the beach.  It was a perfect way to end Day 2.