Today marks my official day back in the "real world".  No more fitness activities, no more girl time 24/7, no more whipping and nae nae'ing at the wee hours of the morning.  Can you tell I'm having major #TIUretreat withdrawals? Having the opportunity to attend this year's Tone It Up Retreat has made me forever grateful.  I got to meet my beautiful trainers, Karena and Katrina whose genuineness and sincerity blew me away.  I pushed myself mentally and physically to try new things and conquer fears that I had (ahem, surfing!).  Best of all, I made new friends from all over the world, and really connected with a few that I will undoubtedly stay friends with for years to come.

On my flight out of Oakland, I met two #TIUBayArea girls.  Once we arrived to SNA, our little group of 3 multiplied and multiplied as more TIU girls joined our group.  It was crazy!  You would just see a girl and ask, "TIU?" and she would say, "YES!"

After catching a cab to the hotel, the van door slid open and I saw my TIU bestie Lainey!  Lainey and I first met as Bikini Series accountability partners and have stayed connected ever since.  I SCREAMED when I saw her!  We also ended up being paired as roomies!

After waiting and sweating in the sun for what felt like HOURS, we finally got to meet K&K and take a picture with them which made it all worth it!  After that we got TWO huge bags of swag and shopped at the TIU pop-up shop.  SO much new stuff to buy, but I was careful and just made it out with Perfect Fit protein and a cute tank top.

After that, Lainey and I went to our hotel room and opened up our TIU swag bags.  It was like Christmas!  We got new running shoes from Asics, TIU clothes, Oakley sunglasses, a super cute Corksicle TIU water bottle, SO many Fabletics clothes (amazingly comfy and cute!), SELF magazine subscription and beach towel, Maaji backpack, Hot Water swimsuit, socks, food yums, Elli Quark coupons, and more!

We spent the rest of the day meeting other TIU girls and hanging out at the pool before heading to our picturesque dinner by the water.  I met lots of #TIULA girls through Lainey, as well as a handful of ladies that I've been dying to meet.  It's amazing how I "know" these girls from Instagram, and we immediately clicked and became friends!  That's the power of the Tone It Up community!