Protein Waffle Parfait When life gives you failed protein waffles...turn them into a delicious and healthy parfait!

Perfect Fit Pancakes are Tone It Up's staple breakfast recipe.  A lot of people swear by them, but very rarely do my pancakes turn out.  They are often mushy in the middle, no matter how long I cook them.  I thought I would try waffles instead so that they would cook a little better.  The first time I made them, I failed miserably.  The second time turned out perfectly.  The third time was this time.  Awful, right?  The top half separated from the bottom half!

Protein Waffle Parfait

But instead of throwing it away of FORCING myself to enjoy it, I just carefully took it off the waffle iron with my chopsticks, let it cool a bit, and made it into a parfait!

Protein Waffle ParfaitProtein Waffle Parfait

I alternated the layers using fresh blueberries, delicious plain Elli Quark yogurt, and my Perfect Fit Protein waffle pieces.  I love when I can salvage a botched dish and turn it into something even yummier! ;)

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