You may not know this about me, but I love to make cakes.  In fact, I used to make wedding, birthday, and shower cakes all the time with my sweet friend Cathy.  We were known as Petal and Posie Cakes.  As you can see, if you click on the link, we haven't updated our blog in a couple of years.  Life happens, and sometimes things take precedence.  For her it was enjoying her time with her beautiful kids, and for me, it was starting my teaching job.  We both still love to bake, but we haven't done it together for quite some time. Much to my delight, my friend Dani asked me to make her a small special cake for her 30th birthday!  I was so excited to bake a cake again!  I made a delicious moist chocolate cake with a blush vanilla buttercream.

The topper was made with wooden cake dowels, some baker's twine, and paper "flags" that are actually stationery sticky notes from the dollar section at Target!  Instant cake topper! Please feel free to check out my other cake creations from the past!  I'm so proud of them! Although I won't be making cakes as frequently as I used to, it's something I love too much to completely give up.  :)