I just got back from vacation not too long ago, and I found out while I was overseas, that I am one of the Beach Bombshell Bikini Series winners!  I'm SO excited and honored because the other girls' submissions were absolutely amazing.  I hope that my story inspires others who also struggle with confidence, comparison, and balance in life.

If you haven't done so yet, check out Tone It Up.  It's an amazing community to be part of, and I highly recommend it for the woman who is serious about wanting to be healthy, but also wants to have fun doing it.  The community of other TIU women is the most fun part of it.  I've made friends with ladies whom I haven't even met face to face, and they're super encouraging to me every day.

Here's some of the swag I won!  First, I received a box of Elli Quark yogurt.  I've been seeing TIU girls rave about this yogurt all over IG, and I thought, "Honestly, what makes it so different from all the other million yogurts out there?!" Plus, my stomach doesn't digest dairy that well, so I wasn't really looking forward to this prize.  Once I got it, I read that it's almost completely lactose free!  It also has way less sugar than standard Greek yogurt.  And let me tell you, IT'S AS GOOD AS EVERYONE SAYS!  I'm hooked!  The best part is that you can order all the flavors online!  My favorite so far is the Mint Chocolate and Banana Foster.  My stomach can totally handle it, and I don't have to take a Lactaid pill before eating it!  Hooray!

The next box I got had ALL these goodies in it!  K&K have completely spoiled me!  I even squealed when I opened the box; it was like Christmas.  My favorite so far is the TIU water bottle (amazing quality!) and the Bikini Series tank by Q-Tee!

Last but not least, I received a Tone It Up yoga mat.  I was *THIS* close to purchasing one earlier this year, but I decided to go for a Lululemon one instead.  I'm glad I purchase it at the time, because now I have one!  It's just as thick as my Lululemon mat, which will make it easy on the wrists.  It's also a beautiful teal color, which is reversible to reveal a bright cheery coral color on the other side!

Congratulations to all the other winners, and congratulations to the other ladies who saw progress in their fitness journeys during the Bikini Series!  If you haven't had the chance, read through their stories.  It's so inspiring and motivating!